Hey guys! I came up with the perfect solution!
— Candy Cane, Worthless Change

Candy Cane (CC for short) is a female contestant in Object Madness.


Candy Cane appears to be a peppermint-flavored candy cane, a sweet candy used in Christmas decor. Her stripes are vermillion and white.


Despite little being known about her personality at the time, there is a lot of Candy Cane that we know about. Candy Cane acts as a typical teenage girl (or valley-girl), as she is shown to own a phone. She is quite clever, showing that she finds a perfect solution which involves a stick being thrown at another contestant in Worthless Change (implying that she, like Cup, could be vengeful).


  • She may be similar to Match from Battle For Dream Island since they both act like typical teenage girls.
  • She may be also similar to Crayon from Object Overload, since for both the same reason as Match and the fact that both Crayon and Candy Cane are shown to have phones.
    • She might also resemble Candy from Object Overload since they are candy and presumably has peppermint flavor
    • Coincidentally, all three of these characters are females, and their names all begin with C (Candy Cane, Crayon, Candy).
  • Candy Cane was being choked by Football in an episode 2 teaser.
    • This shows that at least candy canes in Object Madness are capable of being choked.
  • She is seen to own a phone in the first episode 2 trailer.
    • Candy Cane is the second character to be confirmed to own an electronic device. The first is Cup, who owns a laptop.
      • Overall, Candy Cane is the first character to shown to own a phone.
  • Another Candy Cane competed on Challenge to Win, but their personalities and appearance are different.