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Re-tree-ve to Achieve

After three years, find out who is going to be eliminated!

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Worthless Change

Meet Pickaxe, the host of the show, and the contestants on the first episode of OM!

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Living under a rock?

Catch up with the competition with this helpful list.

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S1EP2 Thumbnail.jpg
Re-tree-ve to Achieve" is the second episode of Object Madness. The episode first starts out with the screen reading "After 3 years...Object Madness episode 2." The scene cuts to Cup sitting on a bench with Daisy approaching her. They converse about the competition and the previous challenge.  (more)
Previous episodes: Worthless Change

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Blue Tennis Ball Blue Tennis Ball 9 May 2021

I'm going inactive, indefinetly.

As it has recently came to light that Object Madness is being cancelled, I will no longer…

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Object EPIC Animator Object EPIC Animator 1 May 2021

Episode 3 Release Date

I'm not sure, but it may release on 2022.

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