Um..we don't have teams.
— Latte, Worthless Change

Latte is a female contestant in the original version of Insanity Battle and a current competing contestant in Object Madness. She is placed on Team A.


Latte appears to be a white chocolate latté with whip cream and a cinnamon stick inserted into it. Her drink substance is brown, her whip cream is white, and her cinnamon stick is cocoa brown.


Latte is a kind contestant. She often points out things, such as Puffball flying too high in Worthless Change. She also is a little shy.


She first appears in Worthless Change. She points out that the contestants don't have teams yet, after Pickaxe says they can move on to the challenge after the contestants have their teams. She then is held by Daisy during her introduction, showing that she was put on Team A.

In the challenge, Latte expresses her acrophobia by saying to Puffball that she flew too high.

After finding Daisy and Nickel, who were knocked off of Puffball by Candy Cane, Latte shows her friendship to Daisy by saying that she and the other members of Team A had trouble finding her and Nickel.

Her team won, so she and the rest of Team A were not up for elimination.


  • According to Worthless Change, Latte has acrophobia, the fear of heights.
  • There is another Latte in Extraordinarily Excellent Entities, but is extremely different.
    • Both have a different body shape, as the Latte in EEE is a cup of latte, unlike the one in Object Madness, who is a mug of latte. The Latte in EEE is also a male, unlike the Latte in Object Madness, who is a girl.
  • If Latte's whip cream, drink substance, and cinnamon stick is taken out, it is possible that she could carry other contestants, like Puffball, Puffbull, and Daisy, despite not being confirmed, shown, or hinted.
    • If this is possible, this may mean that she may have the same carrying capacity as Cup (if Cup was confirmed to carry other contestants).