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Object Madness!! - New Theme 2018

Object Madness!! - New Theme 2018

The second intro.

Object Madness, typed in often as Object Madness!!, is an online cartoon series by Bryan N. The show features 17 anthropomorphic objects competing on an island known as Insanity Island.


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Basketball: A male orange rubber basketball. Much of his personality is unknown at the time.

Candy Cane: A female red-and-white candy-cane. She may have the personality of a typical teenage girl, as she was seen using a phone in an episode 2 teaser.

Cherry: A male reddish-pink cherry. He is loud and competitive.

Cup: A female blue glass cup. She is reckless and vengeful.

Daisy: A female ox-eye daisy and the captain of Team A. She likes to be helpful.

Dice: A male white plastic dice. He is very impatient and hates wasting time.

Disc: A male light-gray disc. He is generally grumpy and unamused.

E.D.: A female light-blue electronic dictionary. She is timid.

Football: A male brown leather football. He is a jock but he is also a huge jerk.

Gamepad: A male dark-gray gamepad controller. He expresses little joy, so you would find him in a grumpy mood.

Latte: A female brown latte in a glass mug. She is kind and a little shy.

Nickel: A male grey US 5 cent nickel. His personality changes in each object show he is in. Nickel is sarcastic in Inanimate Insanity, pessimistic in Battle for Dream Island Again, and a person who doesn't like doing things for others in this show.

Penny: A female brown penny. She is slightly sarcastic.

Puffball: A female pink craft pom-pom. She can fly and change sizes.

Puffbull: A male greyish-pink craft pom-pom. He, like his sister, can fly and change sizes.

Tack: A male blue thumbtack and the possible captain of Team B. He is somewhat mean.

Tennis Ball: A male yellow-and-white tennis ball. He may be similar to his BFDI counterpart: smart but very clumsy.


Pickaxe: A male metal pickaxe who is the host of the series.


  1. Worthless Change

Elimination Table

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Participant Starting team Status Reason Placing
Football Team B Possibly 1st eliminated in "Episode 2" He has been a jerk to everyone, especially when he said that he's the fastest out of the other contestants. 17th place (possibly)
Basketball Team A Not yet been eliminated Final 16
Candy CaneTeam B
CherryTeam A
CupTeam A
DaisyTeam A
DiceTeam A
DiscTeam B
Electronic Dictionary (E.D.)Team B
GamepadTeam B
LatteTeam A
NickelTeam A
PennyTeam B
PuffballTeam A
PuffbullTeam B
TackTeam B
Tennis BallTeam B


  • According to the live stream for Object Madness, Bryan created the object show because of Battle for Dream Island, a show by Cary and Michael Huang.
  • Originally, Object Madness was going to be called "Insanity Island" (after the island where the show takes place), but the name was then changed due to sounding like Inanimate Insanity.
  • A video shows that in Object Madness, stars are the portals to other universes.
  • In a livestream, Bryan originally announced that after episode 2, Object Madness may move on to the second season.
    • However, this was later dropped.